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by the tradition of Italian cooking

Our signature brand, borrowed from the time honored tradition of Italian cooking using an open stone oven called “FORNO”®.

The FORNO® brand of appliances follow the best European designs and fabrication methods that make them most durable and reliable. FORNO® will help you preserve the timeless tradition of great cooking for your loved ones.

Durable and reliable

Our products are of high quality in addition to being durable and reliable.

2 years in-house warranty

We stand behind each appliance we design and manufacture.

Lower the cost of living
with Forno®

When the FORNO® line of products was created we had one goal in mind; to provide the best state of the art cooking technology to consumers just like you at a fraction of the high end brands.

We are proud to present to you a new era of cooking appliances that will revolutionize your kitchen.