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30″ Lseo Gas Range FORNO ALTA QUALITA Stainless Steel 5 Italian Burners FFSGS6275-30

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30″ Gas Range FORNO ALTA QUALITA Stainless Steel 5 Italian Burners FFSGS6275-30

Printable version: FFSGS6275-30

Instruction manual: FFSGS6275 Instruction manual
Manuel d’instruction:

Warning Unit Heat and Cooking times-EN-FR-SP


Stainless Steel body, #430
Black enamel top cooktop plate
Control Panel
Oven Door
Bottom Front Panel
Back Splash
Side Panel
Cast Iron Grates
Knobs with Ring
TANK Handle
Oven Door Glass 4 Layers
Black Enameled Oven Interior
2 Halogen Oven Lights
Convection fan
Thermostat, Regulator
Adjustable Stainless Steel Legs
LP Kit Included
Fuel Type: Natural Gas /PL
Automatic Re-ignition
5 Italian Burner
Middle Sealed Double Gas Entry Burner BTU: 19,000
Front Right Sealed Single Burner BTU: 16,000
Front Left Sealed Single Burner BTU: 16,000
Rear Left Sealed Single Burner BTU: 9,500
Rear Right Sealed Single Burner BTU: 9,500

Gas Oven Specifications:
Oven 30” Capacity: 4.23cu. ft
Broil Top: 10,000 BTU
Bottom:16,000 BTU
Convection Fan
110V/120Volt , 60 Hz,

Product Dimension:
(W x D x H) (in): 30×27.56×38.58
Range Legs are adjustable by up to 2″
Weight: 190.7 lbs

Useful information for your oven:

  • This oven is very powerful, it can reach 350F degree in approximately 7 to 10 minutes.
  • To avoid burns, please use oven mitts when manipulation oven racks and be careful not to touch the oven door when in use.
  • All knobs may reach 123F when oven is in use – although the standard regulations is max 148F please handle with care.
  • This oven is equipped with a highly efficient convection fan accelerating cook time and distributing heat evenly, therefore cooking time could be up to 20% faster than other non-commercial type ovens using 25F less heat.
    The convection fan runs continuously except for when using the broil setting.
  • For more accurate temperature reading, always refer to the knob temperature setting.
    The convection fan creates air movement causing the temperature gauge precision to fluctuate between 10% and 20% a better accuracy is obtained after 70 minutes of operating time.
  • This oven has a safety Thermo-cut-off that will shut gas off automatically if flame goes out.
  • For better Broil efficiency pre-heat to 500F for 8 Minutes and turn the knob to broil until you see the flame and wait 3 to 4 seconds before releasing.
  • When using the oven, push and turn the oven knob counter-clockwise to the desired temperature (ex: 325 F) and hold until the oven burner ignites. As it ignites, wait 5 to 10 seconds before releasing the knob. Note that the flame will be large for the whole preheating process. Once preheated, the flame will automatically decrease in size, indicating the oven is ready for cooking. Open the door, place the food inside the oven and wait until the flame is visibly larger before closing back the door (this may take a few seconds).

Cooking tips:

1-Pizza: Place rack on bottom level at 375F for 16 minutes then broil 2 to 3 minutes on top level.

2-Vegetables: Place rack second from bottom at 350F for 14 to 17 minutes.

3-Place rack on middle level at 350F fo
Fish: 4 to 6 minutes
Meats 10oz: 9-14 minutes
Chicken 8oz: 14-19 minutes

4-Turkey and Braised Meats:
Place rack at bottom level at 350F, no need to rise the cooking temperature above 350F for the first 20 minutes.

8 reviews for 30″ Lseo Gas Range FORNO ALTA QUALITA Stainless Steel 5 Italian Burners FFSGS6275-30

  1. Rita

    i love it

  2. David

    great stove, best customer service, company makes you feel like family.

  3. Ryan

    My new FORNO ALTA QUALITA Stainless Steel 5 Defendi Italian Burners FFSGS6275-30 is a wonderful oven. It is a quality appliance and no early to fail computer boards needed. Fit perfectly in the stock 30″ freestanding oven space in my home and looks like a drop in. It performs great and looks great.. I have gotten multiple compliments on how it looks as well. It comes shipped on a small pallet packaged very impressively to protect it from any damage and arrived in perfect condition.
    I called customer service for feedback and was just as impressed with the customer service as I am with the product. I highly recommend Forno..

  4. Ryan

    I am very happy with the purchase of my 30″ Lseo Gas Range FORNO ALTA QUALITA Stainless Steel 5 Defendi Italian Burners FFSGS6275-30.. The performance is great, it looks fantastic (many compliments) and no control board to fail prematurely.. The quality of the build is very nice and I feel the burners distribute heat to my pans much better than my previous gas cooktop. My unit needed to be converted to LP gas but Forno supplies the conversion kit where other manufacturers charge more for the it. Very nice.
    My oven was packaged for transport without damage very very well (seriously impressive) and shipment to my home was flawless. I reached out to Forno customer service to give feedback and must say their customer service is just as impressive as their product. Thank you Forno.

  5. DMR

    I’m very pleased with the look and performance of my new 30″ Forno Lseo Gas Range. I’ve only had it for a few weeks, but thus far, there are no complaints. It arrived packaged very securely without being damaged. I’m so glad I purchased it. It makes my kitchen pop!

  6. Derwin

    I’m very pleased with the look and performance of my new 30″ Forno Lseo Gas Range. I’ve only had it for a few weeks and I’m truly enjoying the cooking experience. It arrive packaged very securely without any damage.

  7. Alice Valentine

    I’m sooo happy with my purchase of the 30″ FORNO gas range. Its the star of my kitchen and little bit of a show off.

  8. Alexis Kamphausen

    Customer service was above and beyond!! The rep walked me through everything I needed to do and called me back to make sure everything was functioning. Very polite and extremely helpful!

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